Rupert in America
Rupert Goes on an Outing
Rupert sits in the grass
Rupert has a lie down on a lily pad
One day the family goes into town
And Rupert finds some grass for a little sit-down
"What's this?" cries Rupert, when he spies
A lily-pad so large, he cannot believe his eyes.
Rupert climbs a tree Rupert leans on a tree root
Rupert is having such a good time,
He forgets that bears don't know how to climb.
Against a tree root Rupert lies
"Am I back in Nutwood?," our small Bear cries..

One day Clare announces she wants to visit a historic cemetery in Washington DC. The family rushes to the car and drives to the cemetery. When they arrive, Rupert sits on the grass in front of a pond full of lily pads.

He is so taken with the lily pads he decides to take a little nap on one of the leaves. The slight breeze rocks him to and fro and he is off to sleep in no time.

After his kip, Rupert spies a tree and thinks, "Hello! I would like to climb up that tree." After climbing up to a high branch, Rupert suddenly remembers that little bears cannot climb trees.

Soon enough Rupert is rescued and finds a familiar looking tree root where he takes a well deserved rest and recalls his days in Nutwood with his friends Bill and Algie

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