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Posted by on August 22, 2008

Reenadinna Yew Wood

Reenadina Yew Wood ~ Killarney National Forest ~ Co. Kerry, Ireland

I just noticed, on my post editing interface I can insert photographs from — this is not a function on, so it is probably connected with a plugin I installed a long time ago and recently upgraded.

This is a photo of a stand of yew trees in one of the only ancient yew forests left in Europe. It is located within Killarney National Park and is one of the places I insisted on visiting. The magic you feel while surrounded by gnarled yews on mossy hills is very strong. Even folks who don’t believe in fairies come away with a little more understanding of the folks who do.

4 Responses to Fairyland

  1. Tina

    This is so incredibly beautiful.

    BTW, what do you mean “folks who don’t believe in fairies”?

    Doesn’t everyone believe in fairies?

  2. Dona

    Good point.

  3. laurie

    wow. i’ve never been to that part of killarney. that’s beautiful and wild and mysterious. and yes, absolutely, fairy-filled!

  4. indigo bunting

    Freakin’ gorgeous.

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