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Good news – Bad news

Posted by on November 26, 2008

Good news: a new episode of Monk airs November 28.
Bad news: Next season is Monk’s last.

5 Responses to Good news – Bad news

  1. Helen

    I have never seem Monk, so all of this is news to me.
    What’s the show about?

  2. indigo bunting

    That’s OK. I love the show, but I like it when they decide to wrap it up while it’s still good.

  3. Dona

    Helen — Monk is about an ex police detective with OCD. He’s lovable and annoying at the same time. He helps the police to solve crimes. We only discovered it in the last year or so, and are still in love with it.

    IB — I agree, I’m glad they are quitting while they’re still good, but I’m going to miss the new episodes. But it will be a year before I have to say goodbye.

  4. storyteller

    I love Monk! Thanks for the info. Maybe they’ll change their mind?
    Hugs and blessings,

    storyteller’s last blog post..WhimsicalWednesday – Requesting help with WordPress and a sharing a bit of fun …

  5. Dona

    Maybe they will change their mind, Storyteller — but I doubt it. It seems as if the show costs more to make than the network can afford. I wondered of another network would pick it up, but perhaps Tony is tired of being OCD. Perhaps it will be nice to see him at peace.

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