Now mom

I have not been living up to my tagline, so thought I would remedy that. Let’s start with a note from my daughter that I recently found in a box of stuff I’ve been meaning to sort. I think she was a senior or junior when she wrote it but definitely high school. It was on her bedside table and I probably didn’t see it until the next morning. I also didn’t freak out.

Now mom
Now mom, Don't freak out that I am blue. I put toothpaste on my face --> it's like some acne thing. You probably have guessed it's toothpaste by the smell.


7 thoughts on “Now mom

    1. Ha — okay I woke up at 3am this morning and realized I missed the point of your comment. Blue = depressed. And you are right — the toothpaste ending was a good thing. Thanks for visiting.

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