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Seaborn Wright to speak in Elgin (maybe 1910)

Posted by on July 12, 2014
Seaborn Wright

Seaborn Wright. Famous Georgian Orator Speaker at “Dry” Meeting Tonight

I don’t know what year this newspaper clipping was from — but it had articles mentioning Elgin, Illinois on the back. I found the clipping in an old suitcase that also contained tatting materials and several receipts for various items and services for a house on Watch Street in Elgin. Maybe the owner (a Ms. Switzer) belonged to the temperance movement? Maybe she just thought he was hot.

There is not a whole lot about Seaborn Wright on the Internet, but it seems he was active in the Prohibition Movement, was a lecturer on the subject and even ran for a government office in Georgia as a Prohibition Party politician.

He went on a tour to discuss his favorite subject in 1910 according to many newspaper articles. Apparently he was a captivating speaker.


2 Responses to Seaborn Wright to speak in Elgin (maybe 1910)

  1. Catherine

    DONA!!!! Maybe he was just hot??? That’s one of the things I love about you: always something new!

  2. indigobunting

    I was gonna say: And rather good looking, too.

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