Declutter 2017: Four Prints from Frances

I don’t know why Frances gave me the partial set of lithographs from the Old South, but she did. I expect they were something she’d gotten after writing about home design in The Washington Evening Star. I don’t know what happened to the other prints in the set, perhaps they adorned her walls.

These prints have sat in the attic for years, first in the knee wall where generations of silverfish feasted on the outside cover of the prints, then in my electronics/stuff-to-blog-about/junk closet. I pulled it out the other day and was reminded how lovely the prints were — for some reason the silverfish left the prints inside the set alone.

The cover describes the contents:

“A series of six colorful subjects, reproduced in full color lithography, inspired by a way of living — of ease and slow-paced leisure — which has become an integral part of the American tradition. Their joyous composition and gayety of color make these bright watercolors ideal for any decorating scheme.”

New Orleans Promenade, Charleston Flower Merchants, Savannah Cat Walk, New Orleans Hurdy Gurdy, Doorstep Flower Venders, Charleston, and Savannah Green Grocer.

The prints are all signed “Sikat” and were published and copyrighted in 1953 by J. B. Fischer and Co. in NY City.

I am not sure what I am going to do with the prints. I’d like to have them framed and hang them, but I don’t think Dean really likes them. I don’t want to sell them or give them away unless the person I am giving them to knew Frances.

I will ask my kids if they want them, but I suspect the answer is no so they will likely go (protected this time) back into the knee wall.

2 thoughts on “Declutter 2017: Four Prints from Frances

  1. What’s funny is that I was scrolling down to read what I missed (I like to read posts chronologically) and I thought the title was Four Prints from France, and I figured they were Parisian street scenes! Then, of course, I actually looked…

  2. Hello. I came upon your post through an Internet search for some history on one of the prints you mention here. I recently inherited a print of “New Orleans Hurdy Gurdy”. It was among some of my mother’s things. I adore it, but I know nothing about it. I am just wondering if you learned anything else about your set? I didn’t realize mine was part of a series. Also, I may be interested in buying yours if you still have them. I adore the color and style of them. I didn’t know Frances though, so that may be a disqualifier. :) Best Regards, Carie

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