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Monthly Archives: August 2017

A Swedish Meal and a Swedish Smorgasbord by Mary Martensen

Until today, I’d never heard of Mary Martensen. Apparently she was a dietitian who wrote cookbooks and cooking columns for newspapers. She also was head of the home economics department at the┬áChicago American whose duties included conducting lessons for large audiences. The document below must have been given out at one of the lessons. Lesson … Continue reading »

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Recommendations from the Milk Foundation — circa 1960

Thinking has changed regarding what we should eat each day. Note this was recommendations of the the Milk Foundation in the middle of the last century. Internet searches on ‘”milk foundation” Chicago recommendation’ returns over 2000 results, but most reference the new Milk Foundation (Milk as in Harvey Milk) or Milk Makeup. One Mother Jones‘ … Continue reading »

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Mac and Cheese for Newlywed[bride]s

Hey 1971, I thought you were more progressive than this! And what newlywed couple has a fancy milk(?) pitcher like that? And what is that thing on the lower right of the photo? I will make this, with a few changes (margarine?) and report back.

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Vintage birthday card

Found this at the Elgin house. Uncle Verne and Aunt Norma (my dad’s sister) gave it to my Grandpa Patrick.

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Echt Email

I once owned a charm bracelet. I think my Aunt Ginny gave it to me. It was silver and had a few charms. The only charm I remember is a Christmas tree, but I probably had 4 or 5 charms on it. It was lost when my jewelry box was stolen when we lived in … Continue reading »

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Two bottles of “Evening in Paris”

When I was very young, my folks didn’t go out all that often, but when they did I knew it by the smell. Mom would put on either Topaz or Evening in Paris fragrances. While Mom’s bottle of Topaz is long-gone, I have two empty, but still fragrant, bottles of Evening in Paris. Occasionally I … Continue reading »

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The truth about the girl in the photo

My folks inherited my Grandma Patrick’s china cabinet and throughout the years objects came and went from the cabinet. I found a box full of things that I remembered having been in the china cabinet over the years. Some of the things were old photos. One photo in an ornate oval frame was in the … Continue reading »

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Guilt, grief, grandpa and golf balls

I spent much of the summer before I turned 16 with Grandpa and Grandma Green in their lake house in Chetek, Wisconsin just as I had done previous years. I spent my days reading and writing letters to my friends. Sometimes I helped Grandma with things around the house and sometimes I spent time with … Continue reading »

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An ear-full of waxwings…

…or a museum if you prefer. Many years ago (eons in Internet age) I searched for an Internet name that suited me. Because I was into birding, I focused on avian handles. I tried “chickadee” but it was already taken in the places I wanted to join. I considered “painted bunting,” a bird I longed … Continue reading »

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