Letter from Grandma Green: September 1973

Dear one and all,

Please don’t think I forgot your anniversary [1]. I tried looking for some cards that I had bought sometime ago, but just couldn’t find them, but will soon as I’m doing a bit of cleaning every day. This card will have to do. Hope you had a perfect day. Imagine you all went out to eat some place, and made a big thing of it.

Boy it was chilly this morning, down to 49°. I turned the heater on and then burned a bit of wood.

Sure miss that Dona [2]. Haven’t anyone to plan meals for, although I did eat good last night, steak, salad and the whole bit. Dog wants in.

Miss her and so does Chubby [3]. Chubby wouldn’t eat a thing until Tuesday.

Chubby January of the year this letter was written
Chubby the year before this letter was written

Must hurry this along so I can get it up to the mail box. Miss Dona there too [4].

I’m O.K. miss Dad [5], but things will get better, just have to keep an open mind and remember everything good about him.

Fished last evening, caught one small bass, one bluegill, and bullhead and a dog fish. Yes Dona, I took a hammer and killed the bullhead, this time I made sure it was dead [6].

I’m so glad that the kids are coming up for a week.

I’m going to Jim Lorentz’s wedding the 22nd. Reception at Lehman’s. He’s getting married and no job.

Write again soon, you two,



  1. Mom and Dad’s anniversary was September 4th so this was probably written shortly after that []
  2. After Grandpa Green died I spent several weeks with Grandma. We bonded more than ever that summer []
  3. Chubby was Grandma’s beagle mix []
  4. Until reading this, I didn’t realize I was helpful to her []
  5. Grandpa died of complications from a leg amputation in July of 1973. He was a good man []
  6. there must have been an incident where one of us was stung by the bullhead’s stinger []

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