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New Blog: A Complete Library of Entertainment, Amusement and Instruction

Another item I brought back from my mom’s house is a book called A Complete Library of Entertainment, Amusement, and Instruction. This book is all one needed in 1903 to be entertained, amused and instructed. For instance, it gives detailed instructions on how to throw dozens of socials, from an advertisement social to a bird social … Continue reading »

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To Indigo Bunting on the occasion of her birthday

in 2006 I discovered a group of people who wrote snippets about other people they knew using the number of words they’d been on Earth. I thought it sounded like fun and began my own 365 blog. The very first person to comment on my work went by the nickname “Indigo Bunting”. For those of you who are … Continue reading »

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The Internet insists on reminding me that my oldest is no longer a teenager. My email told me when I logged on this morning: Skype told me after enticing me to open it with a notification in my taskbar: And of course Facebook told me it was Clare’s birthday. It’s not that I feel old or … Continue reading »

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I’m still here

Yes, I’m still here and still blogging (in my head, that is). I’ve got a couple of drafts written, but cannot seem to finish them before I’m distracted by something else….SQUIRREL! I want to talk about my 25th wedding anniversary and the day we were married (in a cemetery). I want to talk about my recent … Continue reading »

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The New Adventures of an Old Bird

Ok, not really new adventures, but I’ve begun a couple of new blogs — one a photoblog — updated a few times a week and the other a 365 project (haha, I know — I never finish those, do I?) in which I write about books I’ve read — hopefully updated daily. (shut up) I’m … Continue reading »

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Rupert and the God Cod

Rupert was happy that his American family remembered to take him on their trip to visit colleges in the Northeast. Sometimes they forgot to take him along on their journeys and that always made him sad. He especially wished he’d been along for the Ireland trip. Rupert was also happy that he had a warm … Continue reading »

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My First Blog Post via email

Whilst waiting for her hair to dry, Dona sent an email to Posterous which then sent it to Clutch Cargo Lips which was read by millions five and embarrassed her children all-the-more…

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New Comment Software

I’m testing a new comment software to see how I like it. It might be more annoying than not because a pop-up box will always ask if you want to log in to disqus. You do not need to log into anything to comment here. Let me know if it is too much bother and … Continue reading »

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Favor requested

If you visit my blog and it acts weird when you load it or try to comment, please email me at and let me know. If you get an error, send that too. I’ve heard from two people that commenting seems to be broken for them sometimes and that the blog just acts strangely. … Continue reading »

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Senior Project Meme

msmazzola wonders why people blog. She’s conducting informal research on the topic and asks folks to respond by posting their answers to the following questions and then posting a link to their post in her comments. (thanks Bridgett) 1. How long have you been blogging? I began blogging June 21, 2001. 2. Why did you … Continue reading »

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