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15 Ways to a Man’s Heart

I am nearly at the bottom of the last box of memorabilia I brought from my mom’s house — at least the last box from the most recent trip. I’ve still got to sort everything and put things in their proper places, but at least I don’t have any more sealed boxes. My favorite find yesterday … Continue reading »

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Pop Quiz about Reagan

Have I mentioned that Mom kept everything? Well, she did. I came across this today while attempting to organize my attic office. After Tuesday’s election, I’d not mind Reagan as president again. I don’t know why Mom had this and I don’t know what the occasion was but I probably sent it in a letter … Continue reading »

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In which we do not see Patti Smith and her band

Years and years ago when our love was still young Dean confessed to me that a particular Patti Smith song (don’t recall which one, but it was sweet) reminded him of me so while I never loved Patti Smith’s music (never took the time to listen, I suppose) I kept her in a special place … Continue reading »

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How I learned that Cokie Roberts lives nearby

So, on Monday afternoon I got a phone call. The ID on the phone display read: FIND TOTO I didn’t answer, but later was curious and listened to the message. Notice that the message did not say “This is a message from your neighbor Cokie”. However, I made a note to be on the lookout … Continue reading »

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Now mom

I have not been living up to my tagline, so thought I would remedy that. Let’s start with a note from my daughter that I recently found in a box of stuff I’ve been meaning to sort. I think she was a senior or junior when she wrote it but definitely high school. It was on her bedside … Continue reading »

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Strangely appropriate April Fools Day Prank

A while back I wrote about not being able to feed birds because of a rat problem in our neighborhood. I quit feeding birds (at ground-level) and we quit putting any food scraps in the compost heap. We’d not seen a rat all winter so thought we were good. Just now, however, I looked out … Continue reading »

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I know “snail mail” is slow, but this is ridiculous

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

After my son left for college in late August I occasionally got a whiff [1] of a smell I associate with adolescent males. The smell was in the family room, near one end of the couch. I assumed that because he spent more time sleeping on the family room couch than in his own bed the couch had absorbed [2]  some of his … Continue reading »

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Ya gotta laugh

We’ve recently recovered from an infestation of pantry moths. You know the ones — they have iridescent wings and leave marks on your walls if you squash them. They eat and breed in your flour and other grains in your pantry and are a pain to get rid of. We got rid of ours by throwing … Continue reading »

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Things I thought were hilarious but apparently I was the only one

Within the past couple of weeks I’ve posted some images to Facebook and twitter that I thought were really funny. None of them got much notice either place. Either I have a really immature sense of humor or else the world of social media moves to quickly for people with senses of humor similar to … Continue reading »

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