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RAS 4: Charlotte Gray — Sebastian Faulks

Oh dear me God. I am so glad I have finally finished this book. I would have stopped, but didn’t want to give it away (like I had to with The Bronte Myth). Like The Book of Ruth, I don’t know where the book came from, I just remember remembering that we owned it shortly … Continue reading »

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The Corrections — a dysfunctional family as seen through a Diane Arbus-type lens

The Corrections has been sitting on our shelf for years. Two people in my family read it and told me I would not like it so I expected it to sit there, unread by me, for many more years. Then Erika chose to have us read The Corrections for our December/January book. I was not … Continue reading »

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A Man Called Ove and one similarly-aged woman’s opinion

Ove is fifty-nine. So, currently, is Dona. That’s probably the only similarity between the two. Ove would hate book groups, Ove doesn’t read much, except maybe manuals. Dona loves books and enjoys her book group. Dona also loves electronics. Ove doesn’t trust them. Ove likes cars. And order. And following rules. Dona really wanted to … Continue reading »

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More Reading (Non-RAS)

So, in addition to my RAS challenge I am also reading things on my Kindle and Nook devices. Some for book group, and some for just because. All of these books are worthwhile reading, so go ahead and enjoy one or all of them. A few months ago Barnes and Noble emailed me to tell … Continue reading »

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Thoughts on reading and reclaiming the joy

Now that I have begun to read again (hallelujah!) I’ve been thinking of why I quit — or at least slowed down and what I can do to continue to read. It is not that I quit enjoying reading — it is more that I found other things to do instead including the Internet, playing … Continue reading »

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RAS 3: The Book of Ruth — Jane Hamilton

I couldn’t tell you where this book came from. I am sure it was not new when I got it — I probably picked it up from a used book store after reading and liking Jane Hamilton‘s second book, A Map of the World. What I liked most about the extremely depressing A Map of the … Continue reading »

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RAS 2: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin — Benjamin Franklin

A fair number of years ago I bought a set of books at a library sale in Minocqua, Wisconsin. I was with my sister-in-law, Jill, and she claims I paid more for the set than I thought. No matter, it was a collection of well-known dead authors and to me it was a bargain. Not … Continue reading »

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RAS 1: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons — Lorna Landvik

I finished my first Read a Shelf (hereafter to be known as RAS) book at around 3 in the morning. I started it Friday, the day I wrote the blog post. I bought Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons at a Barnes and Noble many years ago probably because I was angry about something and because it was … Continue reading »

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Read a Shelf

Please note: I created a page for this here. Because it is a thing. Please to to the page I created for updates. I recently ran across a blog post in which a woman has begun to read a shelf of books in her home. She got the idea from a book called, The Shelf: … Continue reading »

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Dear Rob Lowe;

I recently finished listening to your Stories I Only Tell My Friends audio book. I downloaded it from Audible about a year ago to listen to on a long car ride after hearing (and sobbing) as you read from your other book, Love Life, about sending your son off to college. I know the feeling. If … Continue reading »

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