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Old Writing: Part 9::Puff?

I wrote this on November 3, 1970. I was in 8th grade and 14 years old. I got an A+/B for the paper. The teacher wrote at the end: “Yes, there are times when tears are impossible, we just hurt so much.” and “Dona, you have told this beautifully, for you have made me feel … Continue reading »

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Declutter 2017: Little Golden Records

For the past few decades I’ve been in the market for an affordable record player that was capable of playing 78s because I had a pile of Little Golden Records from my childhood that I wanted to hear again. I remembered playing some of these records over and over again and even wrote about them in … Continue reading »

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Declutter 2017: Four Prints from Frances

I don’t know why Frances gave me the partial set of lithographs from the Old South, but she did. I expect they were something she’d gotten after writing about home design in The Washington Evening Star. I don’t know what happened to the other prints in the set, perhaps they adorned her walls. These prints … Continue reading »

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RAS 4: Charlotte Gray — Sebastian Faulks

Oh dear me God. I am so glad I have finally finished this book. I would have stopped, but didn’t want to give it away (like I had to with The Bronte Myth). Like The Book of Ruth, I don’t know where the book came from, I just remember remembering that we owned it shortly … Continue reading »

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RAS 1: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons — Lorna Landvik

I finished my first Read a Shelf (hereafter to be known as RAS) book at around 3 in the morning. I started it Friday, the day I wrote the blog post. I bought Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons at a Barnes and Noble many years ago probably because I was angry about something and because it was … Continue reading »

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Photos of people I don’t know #4 — Grade 2, 1911, Columbia School (Elgin, Illinois)

I don’t know any of these children. I thought that possibly my Uncle Don was among the group, but he was born in 1910, so it could not have been his 2nd grade class, although he may or may not have attended Columbia Grade School in Elgin. I will post this on the You Know … Continue reading »

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Photos of people I don’t know #3 — children, most of whom are not looking at the camera

I know none of these children. I wonder if there were birds flying around the room or something. Only about 3 of them are actually looking at the camera. Or maybe this is the silly shot and the serious one has been lost.

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Photos of people I don’t know #2 — a cat on a fence post

Not a person, but I don’t know the cat in this photo so it counts. This was also in the bag of photos from Aunt Corrine. Even 1915, the year this postcard photo was sent, people took photos of their cats. The sender wrote this on the back: From: 117 Hinsdale Pl. Elgin, Ill. To: Mrs. … Continue reading »

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Photos of people I don’t know — First in a series — People with Horses

My Aunt Corrine gave me a plastic bag full of old photos of my Uncle Don’s* family. I found one photo that I am sure is him but everyone else is a stranger to me. I know nothing (except what I discovered today on about his family. Anyway, because I cannot bear to dispose … Continue reading »

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Grandma Green’s Recipe Box Part 1: 500 Delicious Dishes from Leftovers

Several years ago when my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jack moved to Mississippi Aunt Ginny gave me a box of recipes that she said were her mother’s — my grandmother’s. I looked through the box a few years ago and planned to try a few recipes at some time in the future. I never did … Continue reading »

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