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U.S.S Roanoke visits Italy in 1950

My dad must have either sent this to Mom or to his folks when he was in the Navy. It is information about areas in Italy for the U.S.S Roanoke ¬†crew for when they landed in Augusta, Italy on January 25, 1950. Interesting that only in Augusta are “identified houses of prostitution” out of bounds.

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Found (in Oberlin): The Place Where the Sidewalk Ends

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Oberlin for Andrew’s Graduation (more on that later) and much of the time was down-time as we waited for Andrew to do this or that. Sometimes we simply rested on the grass, other times we drove around the area. On one of our drives we drove through a new … Continue reading »

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We went to watch Rugby but saw the Big Parade instead

Andrew graduates on Memorial Day. His final rugby game was supposed to take place yesterday, Saturday, May 2 so we planned a trip to Oberlin to watch his last game. We knew we would not be able to spend much time with him since he was also going to a banquet for the end of … Continue reading »

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Nemesis no more

In the world of birding a nemesis bird is a bird that a birder has gone to some (often great) lengths to see but has had no luck. While I am an incidental¬†birder at best, and probably have no right to call any bird my nemesis bird, I did go to some lengths to see … Continue reading »

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Real Locations of Fictional Places

So I was watching Downton Abbey Sunday night and heard Lady Grantham mention the town of Thirsk. I wanted to hear the rest of the dialog, so didn’t exclaim to Dean, “Thirsk! That’s where the All Creatures Great and Small author lived.” After the episode ended, I didn’t think it important enough to tell Dean … Continue reading »

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Aunt Ginny’s 3-D Viewer

I have lots of vague memories of my grandparent’s house in Elgin. They lived in a tall, narrow house on a bit of a rise on the corner of Raymond and Bent Streets. Downstairs was a living room, kitchen, dining room and a room off the dining room that, I think served as my uncles’ … Continue reading »

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An Unexpected Journey: Part 4 Missoula, MT to Olympia, Washington

The view out my window when I awoke after a wonderful night’s sleep, with the sound of the Clark Fork River as the backdrop of my dreams, was more than I could have imagined. A lone osprey sat on the topmost branch of the tree directly across the river from our room. It was difficult … Continue reading »

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An Unexpected Journey: Part 3 Sheridan, WY to Missoula MT

I awoke early — around 5:30 and did some work before going down to the fake riverside restaurant for breakfast. I’d checked the route and saw that we had an easy day — only 6 hours drive and no planned stops. I did want to stop in Bozeman, having been there 26 years ago for … Continue reading »

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An Unexpected Journey: Part 2 Sioux Falls, SD to Sheridan, WY

Our Holiday Inn Express was nothing to write home about — in fact, I don’t even remember what it looked like. It was good just to have a place to sleep after the long drive and an hour or so of working. We knew we had a long trip ahead of us with a couple … Continue reading »

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An Unexpected Journey: Part 1 Maryland to Sioux Falls, SD

When we last left our intrepid traveler she was embarking on a journey from one coast to another. Wednesday morning she called from Illinois to tell me that her traveling companion had to go home on family business. She was heartbroken for an number of reasons. I asked if she wanted me to fly out … Continue reading »

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