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Where’s the coffee? Where’s the pie?

In 1990, back when I still read newspapers. Back before kids, I read an article about a new television series in the April 30 Washington Post. I trusted Tom Shales, the journalist who wrote the article because he’d never led me wrong when it came to entertainment. Maybe it was because he was born in … Continue reading »

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The New New Number 2

I blogged about one of my favorite television programs back in January when the star of that program died. I’ve still not seen all of the episodes of The Prisoner, but have been watching them on when I get a chance. I think I’m going to have to buy the series because each episode … Continue reading »

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Monty Python Channel on YouTube

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RE: Netflix on XBOX360

Dear Netflix and Microsoft, THANK YOU! Love, Dona

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Netflix & Xbox 360

Glad I waited and didn’t go out and buy a Roku. This fall Netflix “watch instantly” material will be available through our Xbox 360. Glad my son bought one… I guess we’ll need to contribute to his Gold membership now. Or not. Shhhh, don’t suggest it to him.

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Firefox Download Day

I pledged to download Firefox 3 today to help Mozilla create a Guiness World Record by being the largest one day download in history. I don’t know what the current record is, but Mozilla wants to top it. So, if you want to be a part of history, go to the Firefox 3 Download Day … Continue reading »

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Doug — always a star in my eyes

Remember Doug? My friend and hairstylist? Did I mention in that earlier post that Doug is also a singer-songwriter? Nope? Well, my mistake. Doug’s a darn good singer-songwriter. He’s also a great sport and recently began to enter contests. Not counting hair-related contests, he has entered at least three contests in the past couple of … Continue reading »

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