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I bought a book called Springsigns when I was a teacher. I think I still have it — I don’t think it was discarded in the recent purge of books. One year I used it to make a bulletin board outside my classroom. I hated bulletin boards, but I liked that one. Therefore I use … Continue reading »

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Another High Wind in Bethesda

Earlier in the week we had an earthquake and last night / this morning we had a hurricane. Someone or someones on Twitter called it the week of the hurriquake. I fell asleep last night to gentle rain and mild breezes and woke up around 1:30 AM to bursts of rain heavy rain and loud … Continue reading »

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5 things I hate about fall and 5 things I don’t

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When the lights went out in Bethesda

Last Sunday at 3:29 pm a violent storm passed through the DC area knocking over trees and bringing down branches. It also resulted in no power to around 300,000 homes and businesses in the DC Metro area.  We were among  that number. The actual storm was kind of fun.  It didn’t last long, but was very strong. We … Continue reading »

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Snow day

When I was a kid, and because I was a teacher for many years, all the way up until I was in my early 40’s the word snow day brought warm, fuzzy, happy feelings. It still does, but not as much as it used to — since I work from home for a consulting company … Continue reading »

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More Weather in Illinois

As I type this, I can only see the house next door to the one in which I grew up — anything beyond that is lost in a milk-mixed-with-water looking  fog. Dense fog advisories as well as flash flood warnings are in effect. And it is 51 degrees out there. Yesterday the problem was icy … Continue reading »

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White Christmas? You Betcha!

Depending on your definition of a white Christmas* — it looks like we’ll have one this year.  If we get to Elgin at all, that is. We’re flying to O’Hare and then taking a taxi to Elgin. Wish us luck. Issued by The National Weather Service Chicago, IL 5:52 am CST, Tue., Dec. 23, 2008 … Continue reading »

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What’s up with the weather?

It’s the middle of November for heaven sakes and we have a tornado watch in effect. It’s nearly 70 degrees outside and as humid as the Amazonia exhibit at the National Zoo. It’s either global warming or our second Indian Summer.

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What I did during the hurricane

So while Tina was blogging drunkly from a pig roast, I was bored out of my head. Hanna the hurricane caused our electricity fail in the morning (right in the middle of my shower — I had to finish showering in complete darkness since we have no windows in our downstairs bathroom). Reports from PEPCO … Continue reading »

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Damn Hot

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