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Old Writing: Part 8::School

I am going to guess this was 4th grade. It was written in cursive and I think we had fruit breaks in 4th grade and another piece that looks identical is from fall of 1966. This was the year I had Mrs. Tidwell, an opera singer-shaped single mother who lamented not being an opera singer, … Continue reading »

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Old Writing: Part 7::What Do I Want to Be?

It seems like this was from a prompt. I wrote it in 1969 so that would have made me going on 13 years old. I was either in 5th or 6th grade. Dona P. 23 4-21-69 What Do I Want to Be? What do I want to be? Well, I’ll tell you. I want to … Continue reading »

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Old Writing: Part 6::The Birthday Present

This is another of my writings from Creative Writing 101. I still have the figurine which looks slightly different from the description, but I probably was writing about it from memory. My English professor was quite kind in his words about this one too, although he had some doubts about the analogy of my anger … Continue reading »

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Old Writing: Part 5::Memories of a Mountain Street Apartment

The following bit of writing was the piece that made me realize I could actually write. It was written for my Freshman college creative writing course and the teacher wrote “A very effective reminiscence. Well detailed writing with strong focus.” He also asked me to share it aloud with my fellow students, some of whom … Continue reading »

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Old Writing: Part 4::Untitled 2

This silverfish eaten piece of paper is interesting only in that I’d never visited Washington DC before I wrote it for some English class. It is pretty bad. You cannot see the Capitol building from Union Station. And marblestone? What the hell is that? And what alternates with the unchangeable marlbestone lower buildings I wonder? … Continue reading »

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Old Writing: Part 3::Untitled 1

This is the piece I thought was lost forever. Luckily for you, dear Internet, it was actually stapled behind some other writing from my youth. This was written on January 26, 1969. Please note, I still believe in fairies. This should probably be called “Fairyland”. Or something. As with the other old writings, spelling and … Continue reading »

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Old Writing: Part 2::A Rainstorm

The previous entry was stapled on top of this and the next few. For years I thought it was just the final copy of a series of drafts. Today I looked at the pages below it and found a few stories I thought were long gone. This was not one of them. I do not … Continue reading »

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Old Writing: Part 1::A Day in the Life of Dona and her Owl-Focals

I found a few writing samples from my youth in the attic. Here is the first. Warning, it will leave you unfulfilled. Also I have left out the numerous spelling and grammatical error but I am not promising the punctuation is correct. Also this was written in 1969. Also J. K. Rowling does not have to worry. A … Continue reading »

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Voice — active and passive

I am reading Stephen King’s On Writing and loving it. I read half of it about a year and a half ago then stopped. I am now at the same place I stopped eighteen months ago. The place he describes active and passive voice and tells us to not use passive voice. I don’t really … Continue reading »

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False Alarm

Ok, I could have sworn I wrote about the lunar landing and walk, but it seems like I didn’t find it worthy of documenting. I suppose what I remembered writing about was four days earlier when Apollo 11 took off from Earth: Wed July 16 1967 Dear Diary, What next! The moon now, mars next? … Continue reading »

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