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Mother’s Day card from Clare and Andrew

Back when the kids made me Mother’s Day cards.

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7-22-04: Three accounts of one day

Nearly thirteen years ago the kids and I set out on a drive to Illinois. Dean must have been on a business trip. For one reason or another, the kids and I each wrote our account of the day on Holiday Inn stationery. We really didn’t need to write down the part about the seatbelt … Continue reading »

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The Ghosts of Christmas Traditions Past, Present and Future

While enjoying a tasty pizza dinner together a few weeks ago, my son surprised Dean and me by telling us he was not going to be spending Christmas Day with us this year, but, instead, was traveling to Atlanta to spend Christmas with his friend, Alex and her family. I acted brave, but cried when I … Continue reading »

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Way to go Helen!

I’ve not posted about wrestling in a long time because my favorite wrestler has gone on to bigger and better things. This past week, though, I’ve been back in the wrestling state of mind. It has been a long time coming, but one of Montgomery County’s own wrestlers, Helen Maroulis, made it to the Olympics … Continue reading »

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The Return of the Peripatetic Son

Andrew graduated in May, spent a few days with us then went off on his post-graduation summer travels. First he went to Colorado with a couple friends by way of a circuitous route and flew back to Maryland about a week later. Not long after that he flew to Seattle with his bike and very few other … Continue reading »

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Andrew’s graduation

Yes, it seems like only last week we dropped Andrew off at Oberlin when he was a new student. I took photos and planned a blog post about it but waited too long and now he’s graduated. Time sure does fly! Andrew graduated from Oberlin with honors of some sort. We even went to the … Continue reading »

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Eighteen years ago today my obstetrician said I could get out of bed and stop taking Terbutaline. Eighteen years ago today I got up, showered, dressed and drove to the obstetrician. Eighteen years ago today the obstetrician said the baby could come at any time. Eighteen years ago today I stopped at my favorite greeting card store to … Continue reading »

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The Sho[u]t Heard ‘Round the House

Remember that computer Andrew and I were going to build? We bought the hardware and put most of it together not long after we decided to do it. Then we put the PSU (that’s power supply unit for you n00bs) in upside down and didn’t exactly know where things should be plugged in. So we … Continue reading »

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Poor Andrew

The kids and I went out to dinner this evening. We all had a lazy Sunday, but Saturday was big for both kids. Andrew placed (5th) in Regionals and Clare took her SAT. Andrew was giddy with the knowledge that he could eat what he wanted and not stay after school for the grueling practice wrestlers go through. Saturday … Continue reading »

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Wrestling again

My son’s wrestling team remains undefeated after victory over the only other undefeated team we play. It was thrilling. I did a lot of cheering and jumping up and down. Who would have guessed that I, an avid hater of all things sports related, would get so into this one? The best part? When Andrew … Continue reading »

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