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Tagged With: Anger

Proof that talent skipped a generation

“Anger,” an etching by Dona Patrick, age 111/2.

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Stewing Away on the Back Burner

I know I should let it go. There’s nothing to be gained except a small satisfaction for me and perhaps my brother. My mom wants to just forget about it. But I don’t want to let it go. I want an apology. A real apology, not an offhanded remark about “getting off on the wrong … Continue reading »

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Dreams of Violence

Last night I dreamed I committed act of violence against a loved one in the past and this loved one kept goading me on until I wanted to be violent again. I awoke in the middle of the dream to use the bathroom and willed myself to not remember the dream, knowing it was going to … Continue reading »

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Worst Evening Ever

First some background: I earned a BS in Education and Special Education, specializing in what was then called Mild Mental Retardation (MMR). I took no classes in Learning Disabilities (LD) nor did I take any classes in Emotional Disabilities (ED). My first teaching job was at a special needs school for students with various learning … Continue reading »

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My Mother, My Boss [Part 2 of My Mother Series]

It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I was able to understand my relationship with my mom.  I’m still not sure I understand it fully — and it might not be until my kids have kids that I do, but it is getting a little clearer as the years go by. One … Continue reading »

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[Not] Fanning the Flames

My inbox is nearly on fire this morning. Two email lists are very active with heated discussions. One centers on a proposed cell phone tower at the local high school and the other discussion is about accessible PDFs. While I have opinions about both issues I’m not going to participate in either discussion because I really don’t … Continue reading »

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J. D.

Our wrestling team won first place at a tournament last night — our second first place of the season. We’ve got a great group of boys — they’re all polite to adults, kind to each other and, of course, hard workers. I’ve posted about J. D. before — after our last tournament win. He’s the … Continue reading »

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Inconsistant Police Officer Annoys Suburban Mom

If you know me, you know that I am usually an avid sign reader and rule follower. I never park where I’m not supposed to park. If a sign says no trespassing — I don’t trespass — willingly, although when Dean is in the lead I usually reluctantly follow even if it goes against the … Continue reading »

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Dona’s Journals

I added some to another blog today in which 19 year old Dona threw a temper tantrum over a broken birthday gift. A month or so later she wondered if a future self would care about what she wrote. We know the answer to that.

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