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Time Travel Anyone?

Recently on Facebook someone in a group about my hometown (Elgin, Illinois) ¬†posted a video I’d uploaded to YouTube that my grandfather filmed when Jack Kennedy stopped in Elgin on his campaign tour. The Facebook user credited me with the video and requested my friendship on Facebook. I checked out his FB page before accepting … Continue reading »

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The Scent of a Book

Before last May, more than one person was surprised to hear that I didn’t own a Kindle or any other kind of e-reader. They knew about my love of gadgets and couldn’t imagine why I’d not bought an e-reader yet. My response was the same to all — as much as I loved technology, I … Continue reading »

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I just got word that Amazon has shipped my copy of The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth by Alexandra Robbins. I’ve not been so excited about a book launch since Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book (which sort of proves my own geekiness just by admitting that). Alexandra Robbins, as you may recall, wrote a book … Continue reading »

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Howard’s Butt

Unless you’re one of his colleagues,¬† past students, on Brainstorms or are an Internet Junkie like me, you might not have heard about Howard Rheingold. I first heard about Howard in 1998 when I saw a link to his website on a Dan Bern fan’s online bookmarks. I followed it and saw he had recently … Continue reading »

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One of these things is not like the others

If you think this post is weird, blame it on the fact I composed it in my head at 3:00 am when I couldn’t sleep. One of these authors is not like the others, One of these authors just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which author is not like the others By the time I … Continue reading »

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Brian Andreas and his Storypeople

There is a wonderful store in Rockville called As Kindred Spirits. I’m not sure when I first knew about it — I think it was first a kiosk at a mall. It also was at National Airport. Their About Us page does not mention the kiosk in the mall, but I’m fairly certain that’s where … Continue reading »

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Have I mentioned Neil Gaiman on this blog yet?

Reading his “Blueberry Girl”. I love the words, but also love Charles Vess’ artwork.

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Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book wins Newbery Medal

My adoration for most things Gaiman is probably known by folks who read this blog. I happened to be reading his tweets today when I saw this: I’m delighted. He’s such an accessible author — he wrote in his journal about writing this book — and kept us updated on its progress. Clare and I … Continue reading »

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Review: Mrs Lieutenant

A couple of weeks ago I received a google alert for Elgin, Illinois. I get them several times a week, and usually read them, then delete them. This one, however, I not only read and saved, but I took action that I don’t regret. The alert was about an author, Phyllis Zimbler Miller, who grew … Continue reading »

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Hurry. Read American Gods. For free.

A few years ago my daughter said she wanted to read a book called Coraline because she saw it in the book tent at the National Book Festival. I didn’t buy it there, but asked about it the next time we were in a bookstore. The book was not available for purchase at the store, … Continue reading »

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