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Parking Space Wars

Many of the homes on my quiet, narrow, suburban street have no driveway or garage (including ours) which means that cars are always parked along both sides of the street. Some of the homes have several drivers and often each driver has his or her own car and understandably everyone wants to park as close … Continue reading »

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Suburban Parking

One of the many things that surprised me when we moved into our house in 1993 was the fact that we had to buy a parking permit to park on the streets of our neighborhood — including in front of our house. Residential parking permits (as well as visitor permits) cost $35 per vehicle and … Continue reading »

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I think I’m in love

If you know me or read my blog, you may or may not be aware of my love-hate relationship with Bethesda. We moved to Bethesda from a friendly neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia. I was a relatively new mom, staying at home for a while with my toddler and infant. I found it impossible to make … Continue reading »

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The Girl who Stalked a Tree*

Prologue Summer 1976. Near Leeds, England. She stood staring at the absurdly strange-looking tree, unable to believe it could possibly survive outside a fantasy world. She didn’t like breaking rules, but she wanted to trespass on the lawn that hosted this tree and touch it to make sure it was real. The tree was quite … Continue reading »

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Google Street View Clues

I’ve been waiting for Google Street View to arrive in our neighborhood for quite a while. It was close-by — in the business area of Bethesda, but it had not made it to our immediate neighborhood until very recently. I discovered it had when I tried to figure out where the neighbor who needed a … Continue reading »

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I’m lucky it’s just low water pressure

Turned on the shower this morning and I got a trickle of water and assumed Dean was showering or running the dishwasher. I felt sorry for myself and wondered why Dean would use water when I needed it. Turns out he wasn’t doing anything with water. The weather was — there is a massive water … Continue reading »

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A few things

I finished Loving Frank. The middle got a little bogged down, but the ending was quite interesting. Disturbing, but interesting. It’s really made me want to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright and gave me an appreciation of him and his work that I didn’t have before. I highly recommend the book. Dean and I … Continue reading »

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Back to Visions…

So Dean and I went back to Visions Restaurant last night. We left home, not knowing where we were going to eat dinner. We looked at the menu of a Latin/Spanish restaurant that we’d never eaten at and at the menu of the New Orleans’s Bistro. We also considered Red Tomato (one of my favorite … Continue reading »

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White-crowned Sparrow

Back in 1983 or so, Dean and I spent the summer in Southern California. Dean had a summer job at Rand and we got to stay in various homes in the area — house sitting for other employees of Rand. I’d just begun to “bird” in earnest and California held a wealth of birds I’d … Continue reading »

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Dinner and a Walk

The Dinner Friday night the kids were busy with their various activities — Clare to the mall with a friend and Andrew had a Rugby game, so Dean and I took the opportunity to go out to dinner. We’d gotten our latest (last?) Bethesda Magazine in the mail a few days before and read a … Continue reading »

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