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Tagged With: Birds

Birder Watching at Magee Marsh

A year or two ago I saw a tweet by a fellow twitter birder / accessibility advocate about her trip to Magee Marsh in Ohio.  I kept it in the back of my head because we drive right by it when we travel to and from Illinois. Then a few months ago I read The Big … Continue reading »

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The Scent of a Book

Before last May, more than one person was surprised to hear that I didn’t own a Kindle or any other kind of e-reader. They knew about my love of gadgets and couldn’t imagine why I’d not bought an e-reader yet. My response was the same to all — as much as I loved technology, I … Continue reading »

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Christmas Tree Bird Count

Yeah, we got snow. Lots and lots of snow, but that didn’t stop me from birding this afternoon. I saw a surprising number of rarities for this time of year and for this area — must have been the Nor’easter. The first bird I saw was very far from home. I am not sure of … Continue reading »

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First 2009 Bird

A cold looking American Robin perched high in the ginkgo tree which is next to a holly tree — so probably thinking about getting a bite to eat.

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Winter & Birds

I actually started this post last December but was so astonished and disappointed in my memory I didn’t finish it. I wrote it after hearing birds sing one December morning last year and remembering the poem, below, that I used to recite aloud in our empty two-car garage. I heard a bird sing In the … Continue reading »

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A bald eagle story

Yesterday, on the way to a wrestling tournament, I looked up and saw a bald eagle soaring high above the strip malls along Norbeck Road in Montgomery County. I immediately thought it was a bald eagle by the way its wings were straight out (not in a “V” like a vulture). Any doubt diminished when … Continue reading »

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My first Owl

The first owl I ever saw was in Southern California. (You do have them, Storyteller…) My not-yet-husband had a summer job at the RAND Corp. and we got to stay in various homes of RAND employees while they were on vacation. We stayed in two Santa Monica homes — one was a condo and the … Continue reading »

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Owl Story

A recent post on Birdchick’s blog about people mistaking a fake owl for the real thing reminded me of the time it happened to me. I was 8 months pregnant with Clare and sound asleep one night. Suddenly, my husband, who’d been out taking a walk in the neighborhood rushed into the bedroom and woke … Continue reading »

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New Yard Bird

So the other day I heard the blue jays making their jay noises. I hear them sometimes, but not enough to consider it normal, so I often check on what’s going on when they start their calling. Not long ago they alerted me to an interesting standoff between a  hawk and a couple of doves. … Continue reading »

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No ghosts, few birds, but lots of people

We spent the weekend camping at Point Lookout State Park in St. Mary’s County Maryland. The area is quite pretty and has an interesting, if somewhat depressing, history. Just after the battle of Gettysburg, the area was made into a POW camp for confederate soldiers. For some reason the men were pretty much left on … Continue reading »

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