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Mother’s Day card from Clare and Andrew

Back when the kids made me Mother’s Day cards.

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Two by Clare

They say talent skips a generation. I believe it. Mom could draw and Clare can draw. I cannot. Here are two early paintings by Clare.

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7-22-04: Three accounts of one day

Nearly thirteen years ago the kids and I set out on a drive to Illinois. Dean must have been on a business trip. For one reason or another, the kids and I each wrote our account of the day on Holiday Inn stationery. We really didn’t need to write down the part about the seatbelt … Continue reading »

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Clare goes to College

Those of you who read my blog or are my friends on Facebook or read my tweets or talk to me in person know that this has been a rough summer / year for me regarding my relationship with my daughter. For many years Clare and I were uncommonly close — she told me pretty … Continue reading »

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my poet laureate

Midway through the very long graduation ceremony for the graduating class of Walt Whitman 2009 the principal announced an award that was an unknown award for the recipient (and apparently everyone else). He said that it was a new (2 year old) tradition. It was a recognition of the poet laureate of the year. Then … Continue reading »

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Congratulations Clare!

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My Prom, Her Prom

My daughter is going to prom tonight. She’s wearing a lovely dress, classy shoes and an antique Spanish lace shawl. But she’s not happy. She left the house (to go to a friend’s house to dress) ranting how much she hated prom. So, while she acquiesced to try on her dress for me, I won’t … Continue reading »

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College Correspondence

So you know Clare’s getting ready to go to college — right? I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. Well, back in her Sophomore year, when she took the PSAT, she gave the colleges permission to send her emails and snail mail. They took her up on that. She’s basically had to change email addresses because … Continue reading »

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Watch out world

Drivers and pedestrians — BEWARE! Clare passed her driver’s test! 

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Wish Clare Luck

She’s taking her driver’s test today.

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