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Tagged With: Death

Pastor Keith does it again

Nearly 6 years ago I wrote a post about how Pastor Keith helped us through our father’s death and I shared the amazing sermon he gave at my father’s funeral. I’m here now to let you know that he did it again, this time at my mother’s memorial service. We were not entirely sure this would … Continue reading »

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Designing Dad’s Headstone

After my father died I knew that we’d need to think about a headstone, but was too busy dealing with insurance stuff as well as my own grieving process to want to handle it right away. I sort of thought it would be good to have a headstone installed for his birthday and then maybe go back … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday Saul Korewa, wherever you are

I am writing this on the last day of February, 2011. It will be posted on the 55th anniversary of the birth of a unique person. He won’t turn 55 years old today, however. And that’s the bad news. The good news is that Saul was. He was a good person and cared deeply about … Continue reading »

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A year of goodbyes

In April it was Joan’s mom — suddenly and at home. In May it was Jerry. He was a couple of years older than I am. He was on his way home from picking his daughter up from college — and luckily not driving. In August it was Aunt Nancy — she’d suffered for years … Continue reading »

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Is it over?

Yesterday I received a phone call that I’d been waiting for for weeks. It should never have taken as long as it did, but it did, and at least that part is over. The phone call was from the nursing home where my dad was a resident the last month of his life. They called … Continue reading »

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C. S. Lewis, Jack Kennedy and Me

47 years ago today the world lost two men who would posthumously have a great impact on me. One created a world in which I found great comfort as a teenager and young adult and the other, well I sort of made up a world for him. I know that Jack Kennedy did a lot of … Continue reading »

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Pastor Keith

Most of you know by now that my father died in October. I’m not ready to talk about that here, if ever. What I want to talk about, instead, is an incredible man I met in September, but got to know much better in October. Pastor Keith Fry is the pastor of my mom’s church, … Continue reading »

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Mr Tuttle’s Orbit

Once a year when I was in elementary school our class would take a field trip to the local planetarium. We’d get to the planetarium on a school bus — a novelty for me since I was a “walker”. The bus would drop us off in front of the planetarium and we’d file into the … Continue reading »

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Crime and Punisment

One of the she scariest months in my life has to have been October 2002 when two very disturbed individuals went on a 3-week-long shooting  spree in an area that included most of the DC metro area — and many the places I regularly frequented.  All together they killed at least 10 people, targeting random … Continue reading »

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News via Stats

I regularly check the search terms in my stats to see how people landed on my blog. I’ve posted about the rash of ground hog searches and thought a post about other searches, similar to Susan’s, would be fun. Lately I’ve noticed that the term, “Vic Cianca” has been searched. Until I did a search … Continue reading »

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