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Happy 4th of July, you wonderful old First Federal Savings and Loan!

Apologies to Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett, and Frank Capra. for the misuse of their words. My first bank account was with Elgin’s First Federal Savings and Loan. Apparently, at the time, when you opened an account you were given a bank in the shape of the building. I found that bank, along with my passbooks a few years … Continue reading »

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A gift from Home Savings and Loan

In 1963, shortly after my brother was born, my parents received a gift from their local savings and loan. Now, what would a young mother and father need that a savings and loan would offer? Money? A new bank account for the baby? The drawing on the card is lovely (apparently drawn by Maud Tousey … Continue reading »

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Seaborn Wright to speak in Elgin (maybe 1910)

I don’t know what year this newspaper clipping was from — but it had articles mentioning Elgin, Illinois on the back. I found the clipping in an old suitcase that also contained tatting materials and several receipts for various items and services for a house on Watch Street in Elgin. Maybe the owner (a Ms. Switzer) … Continue reading »

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Time Travel Anyone?

Recently on Facebook someone in a group about my hometown (Elgin, Illinois)  posted a video I’d uploaded to YouTube that my grandfather filmed when Jack Kennedy stopped in Elgin on his campaign tour. The Facebook user credited me with the video and requested my friendship on Facebook. I checked out his FB page before accepting … Continue reading »

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What we did on our summer vacation — Day 4

I need to finish this before I blog about other things… Sunday morning I went to church with Mom and afterward I enjoyed the wildflowers on the church property while Mom attended a meeting. That afternoon we had a cookout with my brother and his family at my Mom’s house. Not knowing what to cook … Continue reading »

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What we did on our summer vacation: Days 1 & 2

When we drive a long distance we usually get a very early start — 5:00 am when we drive to Illinois. This time, however, we had other things to do in the morning and didn’t leave Bethesda until just after 2:00 pm. Oddly, Dean drove the whole way. Usually I drive for a while after … Continue reading »

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Review: Mrs Lieutenant

A couple of weeks ago I received a google alert for Elgin, Illinois. I get them several times a week, and usually read them, then delete them. This one, however, I not only read and saved, but I took action that I don’t regret. The alert was about an author, Phyllis Zimbler Miller, who grew … Continue reading »

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Sound bites from the early 70’s

My constant companion, RQ-209s, captured many [seemingly] important as well as unimportant audio moments in the 1970’s. Below are a few. The tape must have been damaged, because every so often the sound was erased. Perhaps it was too close to a magnet or maybe it is just age. The first part of the tape … Continue reading »

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Elgin again

Heading off to Elgin tomorrow afternoon. Parents again – but this time it is my husband’s family. My mother-in-law passed away last night. My husband was there – he got to say his goodbyes – although he feels like it was more important that he was there in September when his mom was more lucid. … Continue reading »

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Last full day

The day mom comes back has finally arrived. I was sitting up here working this morning and the R.E.M song, Don’t Go Back to Rockville came on the radio. I had to laugh. Maybe the bedroom has grown accustomed to me and wants me to stick around. The dishwasher repairman stopped by today and for … Continue reading »

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