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Tagged With: Family

Happiness is… Being Together at Christmas

It is Christmas Day afternoon and I am sitting alone in our house, nursing a cold. Dean and Clare are off on a hiking adventure, Andrew is in Atlanta with his girlfriend. I am not complaining — I do like my alone time, but looking at Facebook posts of families opening gifts is making me a … Continue reading »

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A Modern Fairy Tale in Pictures

The things I find in my mother’s extra bedroom! This latest find is an anniversary card I made for my folks on their 24th anniversary. That would have made me 22 years old. Let’s agree that the artistic genes in the family skipped a generation and not mention it again. My artwork at 22 is … Continue reading »

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Congratulations Clare!

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Over the river and through the woods

to cut ourselves a tree… We did it again — we took our almost annual trip to Loudoun County to cut down our Christmas tree. We’ve been doing this since the kids were quite small — Clare might have been 6 when we started. This is the last year we’ll go to Jacobson’s Tree Farm … Continue reading »

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Review: Life Among the Savages

Before Erma Bombeck and Jean Kerr wrote about life as housewives and stay-at-home-mothers in the 1950’s, Shirley Jackson had already published her account. You’ve probably read, or at least heard of Shirley Jackson, but you might not remember where or how. Think back to your high school English classes. Remember reading The Lottery? If that … Continue reading »

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Mom’s burger friends

The last few weeks have been busy. I’ve seen people I haven’t seen in years and met a lot of new folks. One group of people I met were my mom’s “burger” friends. Each Tuesday a bar in Elgin that I remember as The Sports Bar offers 99¢ hamburgers. I don’t know what the name … Continue reading »

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Elgin again

Heading off to Elgin tomorrow afternoon. Parents again – but this time it is my husband’s family. My mother-in-law passed away last night. My husband was there – he got to say his goodbyes – although he feels like it was more important that he was there in September when his mom was more lucid. … Continue reading »

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