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Grey Gardens

One evening, several months ago, I looked at the list of “On Demand” films on HBO and was disappointed that I’d either seen them all or was not interested in what they had to offer. Only one title looked at all promising: Grey Gardens — with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, what could go wrong … Continue reading »

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Becoming Dona

When I was in the 6th grade I had a friend (fittingly named Eugenia) who introduced me to romance (mostly gothic) novels. I began with Phyllis A. Whitney who, I just discovered, passed away earlier this year. I then moved on to Victoria Holt and all of her pseudonyms. Eventually I read some of the … Continue reading »

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The Red Balloon — the whole story?

I have to see this movie. The Red Balloon was one of my favorite short films in my teens.  

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It grows on you…

You know the phrase “it grows on you”? I’ve never really believed it until recently when a couple of things have gown on me. One is a movie I’ve tried to watch a couple of times: The Science of Sleep.  I’d had high hopes for this film when I saw the previews and knew that … Continue reading »

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Fun Friday

Did a little work on the HTCA site again, messed with the themes. We’ll see how that goes. Put in 4 straight hours of work for pay – barely even blinked. Finally finished the ten templates – and put them in the correct spot. Monday will send to the SME for her approval. Finally feeling … Continue reading »

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Review: Notes on a Scandal

I don’t get out much – with friends at least, so when Janet called to see if I wanted to see Because I Said So, I replied that I’d love to go. I had not heard anything about the movie, but figured that if Diane Keaton was in it, it couldn’t suck too bad. Janet … Continue reading »

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