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Mom’s stuff: 2 recipes made with beer and jotted on an envelope

I have in front of me a business envelope on which are two recipes in my mother’s handwriting written in pencil. The date stamp on the envelope is September 14, 1995. The first recipe has no title: 1 ½ lb. beef top round ¾ c. flour ½ t. salt ⅛ t. pepper ¼ c. Coors … Continue reading »

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Where I shop Part 1: The Amish Market

Gearing up for the holiday dedicated to eating, I started thinking of where I get my food. I’d like to say I buy only organic, cruelty-free food from local farms but that would be a lie. We are beginning to do a little of that — some local vegetables during growing season, cage-free organic eggs … Continue reading »

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Groningse Mustard Soup

Back in December one of my Facebook and Twitter friends — a birdwatcher from The Netherlands — posted that she was going to have Mustard Soup for lunch. After a bit of discussion where I expressed disbelief, then awe, she posted a recipe and when I wondered where to find Groninger Mustard she offered to … Continue reading »

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Rupert Rising Bread

Sometime ago Indigo Bunting wrote a blog post that mentioned getting a sandwich on Rupert Rising Bread. Of course the name made me research it because of my Rupert and I hoped that someday I could taste some of this bread. Before we headed out on our trip to the North East to visit colleges … Continue reading »

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[Note: I’m sure any steel-cut oatmeal is as good as the kind I had today — I am not endorsing one brand over another. I just liked the can and this was my first taste of steel-cut oats. McCann’s did not give me any free products. Or a free trip to Ireland. Honest.] It took … Continue reading »

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Processed foods. And me.

For years and years I avoided processed foods. I made cakes and brownies from scratch. I rarely bought pre-made spaghetti sauce. I cooked only fresh (or sometimes frozen) vegetables. The only processed food I’d make was Kraft Macaroni and Cheese because it was such a comfort food. If I made anything (except Kraft Mac & … Continue reading »

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Cooking for my family

I used to like to cook. I don’t mind cooking for other folks but cooking for my family has become a pain, especially during wrestling season. Here’s why… My daughter is a vegetarian – albeit one that eats fish, dairy and eggs, but won’t touch poultry or meats. She is also not a fan of … Continue reading »

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Lilit – my favorite restaurant

A few years ago a new restaurant opened up near us. I didn’t notice right away because nothing changed about the building — it was a mom & pop beer & wine store that I went to once, but avoided because it was dark and seedy looking inside. At some point they added a small … Continue reading »

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It is Restaurant Week in Bethesda. I didn’t know it existed until reading a blog post about it and then getting a reminder about it in an email from Bethesda Urban Partnership. A good deal – a 3 course meal for $30. (not including wine). I looked around at restaurants I wanted to visit – … Continue reading »

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It’s like manna from Heaven

We have a friend, Glenn, whose mother loved to cook for his friends. That was great for us because we liked to eat, and she was a good cook. However, you couldn’t finish your plate at her house because as soon as it was empty Freida would say, “Oh you’ve finished, here, have some more,” … Continue reading »

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