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Frances Lide: First Woman in a Washington News Room

Alexandria Packet November 13, 1986 by Maria Kavanagh Special to the Packet Frances Lide had been in Washington only a few hours when she lost practically everything she owned. This was 1934 when the Depression blanketed the country and losing everything meant just that. “I had come to Washington from South Carolina to get a … Continue reading »

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Patchwork garden

When I was a child and would visit my Grandma Patrick, sometimes she’d tell me about the patchwork quilt that hung over the back of her sofa in her living room. Its pattern was of tulips in pots and suns with beams. Flowered material made up the border. As we sat under the quilt she’d … Continue reading »

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Secret Grotto, Secret Shrine

Years ago, on what I recalled as a long walk with my friend Candy, we happened upon an amazing discovery. Actually, Candy knew about it and wanted to show me, but it was a discovery for me. Candy called it a “grotto”. I didn’t really know what a grotto was and as the years went … Continue reading »

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Best. Neighbors. Ever.

I look across the street tonight and see the blue Volvo and silver minivan parked where they’ve been for the past couple of years. I see Chris mowing his lawn. The other day I talked to Madeline, Anna, Molly and Carter about vacation Bible camp, Subway meals and trips to the Bay. Nothing really, except … Continue reading »

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Pastor Keith

Most of you know by now that my father died in October. I’m not ready to talk about that here, if ever. What I want to talk about, instead, is an incredible man I met in September, but got to know much better in October. Pastor Keith Fry is the pastor of my mom’s church, … Continue reading »

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I met Cindy my first day of junior high. She sat at the same lunch table as I did that day. It didn’t take us long to start hanging out at each other’s houses — in fact, her father, who was a 6th grade teacher dropped her off at my house each morning and we’d … Continue reading »

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Red & Blue by Doug Miller

Remember Doug? My multi-talented hair stylist/colorist & friend? He’s back to songwriting and has a fun and timely song ready for the world (and the upcoming elections). Red and Blue Here are the lyrics: Red and Blue It was logical to use red and blue No one could foresee the damage it would do Now … Continue reading »

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Rupert and the God Cod

Rupert was happy that his American family remembered to take him on their trip to visit colleges in the Northeast. Sometimes they forgot to take him along on their journeys and that always made him sad. He especially wished he’d been along for the Ireland trip. Rupert was also happy that he had a warm … Continue reading »

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And they lived to tell about it

As we walked into the admissions office of Wesleyan University yesterday morning, Dean looked at the rain clouds  and wondered if any statistics were kept on what the weather was like the day students who applied to certain schools visited for the first time. If more were likely to apply if the weather was good … Continue reading »

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Modern Day Letters from 3 Women

I get a lot of email. Yesterday I got over 80 messages in my gmail box (which is actually 5 accounts that come into one “box”). I have not checked other email accounts, but I imagine that yesterday I received well over 100 emails in all of my accounts together — closer to 200 if … Continue reading »

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