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Tagged With: High School

Puzzle from Cindy/Cynthia

My friend Cindy (now Cynthia) knew I liked Rupert Bear and when she was travelling in England the year she and her folks lived in Spain she sent me a Rupert Bear puzzle and orange chocolate bar (possibly with Rupert on it) for my high school graduation. Cynthia graduated from high school a year early so she … Continue reading »

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Overachieving pays off

As much as I complain about the rigorous curriculum and over-achieving attitude at my kids’ high school, I shouldn’t be bragging that it ranked 44th on the top 100 public school list in US News and World Report. But it is. And I guess I am. And my friend’s daughter is on the cover!

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The Overachievers — a review…sort of

Had my kids not been students at the school profiled in Alexandra Robbins‘ exposé of success-driven teenagers, The Overachievers, I would probably never have heard about the book, much less read it. However, since they go to that same high school that AP Frank and the rest of the overachieving students in the book attended, … Continue reading »

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Inconsistant Police Officer Annoys Suburban Mom

If you know me, you know that I am usually an avid sign reader and rule follower. I never park where I’m not supposed to park. If a sign says no trespassing — I don’t trespass — willingly, although when Dean is in the lead I usually reluctantly follow even if it goes against the … Continue reading »

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Carpool conversations

The topic of my son and his friends’ conversation to and from a recent rugby match ranged from nutrition to genetics to ancient history. No swearing nor a fart joke was heard. All I can say is only in Bethesda…

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23. Knights in tissue paper and chicken wire

As I’ve mentioned, I wasn’t really into a variety of popular music in high school, so when our Junior class chose the theme, Knights in White Satin for Homecoming I was clueless. And I don’t know why such and old song had been chosen. [Ahh, wikipedia says it was re-released in 1972 – that’s why.] … Continue reading »

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