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Yearbook Pet Peeves, the Internet and PC

One of my favorite things to do as a child was to browse through my mother’s high school yearbooks. I remember looking at the photos of the teenagers, reading the blurbs under each photo and anticipating my own high school years. In at least one of the yearbooks the students were asked their pet peeves … Continue reading »

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Defining sentiment

Sometime between December 1986 and December 1990 Dean and I saw “Les Misérables” at one of the big theaters in Washington DC. I’d like to think it was 1986 or 1987 — before it was even on Broadway, but I don’t think we were that forward thinking. I only remember where I was working at … Continue reading »

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Strangely appropriate April Fools Day Prank

A while back I wrote about not being able to feed birds because of a rat problem in our neighborhood. I quit feeding birds (at ground-level) and we quit putting any food scraps in the compost heap. We’d not seen a rat all winter so thought we were good. Just now, however, I looked out … Continue reading »

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I know “snail mail” is slow, but this is ridiculous

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An open letter to email newsletter subscribers

Dear Subscribers to Email Newsletters: I am not speaking for the spammers of the world. I am not a spammer and think spammers are quite horrible and deserve to be banned on ISPs. I am speaking for people who send legitimate email newsletters to people who asked to be placed on email newsletter lists, either … Continue reading »

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An Un Post

I find it kind of amusing and a little upsetting that the tiny prefix “un” has become a common threat or even a weapon these days in social media venues. On Twitter, when someone “follows” you it is usually a good thing. It usually means that they find what you have to say of interest. … Continue reading »

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My 24 hours away from the Internet

Not counting using my phone to check Facebook notifications (one time) and email (about 10 times), I spent yesterday Internet free. I mean I never used my computer to connect to the Internet. Here’s what I did instead: Gave a real live, in-person presentation to approximately 40 people about PDF accessibility with a woman I’d … Continue reading »

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Gotta love the Internet

Well, you don’t have to love it — but it comes in handy now and then. Remember our naked tree? Well, I bought some new lights — extra special ones at target. These lights are distributed by Phillips and called “Stay-lit”. Apparently they have a microchip in each bulb holder and they remain lit even … Continue reading »

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Blogging (or Twitting) in my Sleep

So last night I had a blogging dream. I dreamed that I carried a sharpie everywhere I went and as I did things, I wrote on the wall or pavement what I did. (even when I used the toilet) Or perhaps it was a twitter dream. Whatever it was, it makes me wonder if the … Continue reading »

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It grows on you…

You know the phrase “it grows on you”? I’ve never really believed it until recently when a couple of things have gown on me. One is a movie I’ve tried to watch a couple of times: The Science of Sleep.  I’d had high hopes for this film when I saw the previews and knew that … Continue reading »

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