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Happy Mother’s Day to a Lovable Mother

A card my dad sent to his mother when he was in the service. (I know that because my grandmother wrote it at the bottom — she was good like that.)  

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Letters from Johnnie: Letter Five — the last one

Final letter from Johnnie (as far as I know – there may have been more that were lost). I don’t know if Mom ever wrote back to him after this. After we looked at some of them together all she said was, “Maybe he took one look at me and said, ‘She’s just a kid!’” … Continue reading »

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Letters from Johnnie: Letter Four

Here is Johnnie’s 4th letter to Mom. He definitely sounds a little down which is probably because of the war and what was going on at the time — intense fighting and the raid on his bunker. However, he did ask Mom if she was writing to any other servicemen — so he might have been a … Continue reading »

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Letters from Johnnie: Letter Three

So Mom continued writing to Johnnie and he continued to write back. This one was signed “Love Johnnie”. This one is the longest, by far, and the newsiest. It also contains connections that make me feel that I was meant to read these — and perhaps Indigo Bunting was meant to read them too. Johnnie … Continue reading »

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Letters from Johnnie: Letter Two

Between the first letter and this letter, it seems my mom sent Johnnie a photo of herself. She was still only 15 years-old. He, as we learn later, was nearly 21. In this letter he describes his family — he talks about his siblings, but doesn’t mention his parents. I did some poking around on … Continue reading »

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Letters from Johnnie: Letter One

In 1951 my 15 year-old mother sent a copy of John Dickson Carr’s “The Three Coffins” to  the US troops in Korea. On the inside cover of the book she included her name and address.  She has only a vague memory of sending the book and doesn’t know why she put her contact information in it. In … Continue reading »

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A Month of Mom

I dropped my mom off at BWI a couple of hours ago.  We’ve been together for the past 28 days — longer than since I was still living under her roof. I’ve heard that you can break (or form) a habit in 28 days, so I guess Mom became a habit. I’ve been crying on … Continue reading »

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My Mother, My Boss [Part 2 of My Mother Series]

It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I was able to understand my relationship with my mom.  I’m still not sure I understand it fully — and it might not be until my kids have kids that I do, but it is getting a little clearer as the years go by. One … Continue reading »

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My Mother, My Self — Part 1

Last night I dreamed I was going to be the 103 lb wrestler for my son’s wrestling team in a tournament. For some reason (the snows perhaps) the rules of who could wrestle for the team were relaxed so that the parent of a wrestler could fill in for another wrestler. Even in the dream … Continue reading »

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I Have Issues: Part 2 — Folding Towels

Actually I’m pretty much over this issue, but since I had it for so many years, I’ll post about it. My mom had/has a specific way of folding towels. I’m still not sure if I know how she folds them, but it is something like fold them in half (making sure the tag is inside), … Continue reading »

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