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Hyman Herron’s Spelling Book

On my desk sits a 1906 beat-up copy of Reed’s Word Lessons by Alonzo Reed, A.M. The front endpapers are covered in childish writing: numerals 1-9 and the initialsĀ H. H. in small and large writing. The end endpapers have more writing: the number 15 in three places, Hyman Hernw, the name Patty and, in much … Continue reading »

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Who is Gary Chardonnay?

So, if someone sounds like Dan Bern but looks like Vincent Price, who is he really? Could he be Gary Chardonnay perhaps? “Lisa Go Stick It, I Got My Bonnaroo Ticket” by Gary Chardonnay from Bonnaroo on Vimeo. Here’s Gary Chardonnay’s Twitter profile. What do you think? [Note: I don’t work for Bonnaroo and didn’t … Continue reading »

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A Christmastide Mystery

Once upon a time a family from a town not so far away left that town to celebrate Christmas with their far-away relatives. Just before they left, they threw a festive gala where lovely people brought many delicacies to the family. The family had no trouble eating the left-over delicacies, except for one bag of … Continue reading »

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Finally! The mystery is solved

For the past several years I’ve been puzzled by a bird sound I hear in the spring. For a while I thought perhaps it was not a bird, but a delivery truck with squeaky wheels, but why was I only hearing it in the spring and early summer? Yesterday I caught a glimpse of what … Continue reading »

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What is this?

I just looked out my bedroom window and did a double take. Is our tulip poplar getting its wisdom teeth? It looks like a molar is growing out of this dead tree branch. What do you think it is? It could be a bone taken into the tree by one of the local raccoons. It … Continue reading »

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