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Have I mentioned Neil Gaiman on this blog yet?

Reading his “Blueberry Girl”. I love the words, but also love Charles Vess’ artwork.

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3 degrees from Neil Gaiman

So on Christmas Day my brother’s housemate, Josh, mentioned that he knew Charles Vess. (I think I’d said something about Neil Gaiman — perhaps I suggested that my niece might like his books?). It seems that Josh grew up in Lynchburg, VA and his father and Charles Vess were friends. Josh remembers going to Vess’ … Continue reading »

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Coraline the Movie

I’ve mentioned Coraline before in this blog — I’m sure of it. That’s the book that got me hooked on Neil Gaiman? Anyway — Coraline is going to be released as a movie in February and a website (actually 2 websites but they seem to be identical) dedicated to it has been online for a … Continue reading »

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The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman has done it again. I was first captivated by his Coraline (soon to be a Major Motion Picture), then drawn in by the campy Neverwhere miniseries, then entranced by his collection of short stories, Smoke and Mirrors. This time it is another book for younger readers — a sort of re-telling of Kipling’s … Continue reading »

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NPR’s next read: Anansi Boys

How cool is this? NPR’s Bryant Park Project’s bookclub is reading Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys this month! Pick up your copy and read along. You won’t regret it. (Now where did I put my copy?) If you like audio books, check out the audio book of Anansi Boys read by Lenny Henry. It’s one of … Continue reading »

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Hurry. Read American Gods. For free.

A few years ago my daughter said she wanted to read a book called Coraline because she saw it in the book tent at the National Book Festival. I didn’t buy it there, but asked about it the next time we were in a bookstore. The book was not available for purchase at the store, … Continue reading »

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