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How I learned that Cokie Roberts lives nearby

So, on Monday afternoon I got a phone call. The ID on the phone display read: FIND TOTO I didn’t answer, but later was curious and listened to the message. Notice that the message did not say “This is a message from your neighbor Cokie”. However, I made a note to be on the lookout … Continue reading »

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I’m lucky it’s just low water pressure

Turned on the shower this morning and I got a trickle of water and assumed Dean was showering or running the dishwasher. I felt sorry for myself and wondered why Dean would use water when I needed it. Turns out he wasn’t doing anything with water. The weather was — there is a massive water … Continue reading »

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What’s this woman’s problem?

LA Times OP-ed Columnist Meghan Daum has an issue with an entire generation. She complains that the media attention on baby boomers is stealing the limelight from the GenXers. She goes so far as to suggest that she’ll look forward to 2050: “And on and on it will go until, say, 2050, when, if they’re … Continue reading »

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Stonehenge — Just a Graveyard? Say it ain’t so!

Front page. Washington Post: Researchers Say Stonehenge Was a Family Burial Ground No ancient sacrifice? No hooded figures chanting? No witchcraft? No magic? No Duncan? According to extensive research done by National Geographic, Stonehenge was just a cemetery for a ruling family. This news is a little shocking to me and I certainly do not … Continue reading »

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Kennywood 2007 <---> Adventureland 1987

I stumbled upon this news as I clicked through some film related information — a new film is coming out in August called Adventureland and was filmed at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh. I was drawn to the name Adventureland because as a child my parents took me to an amusement park of the same name. … Continue reading »

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Sad ending

I’m bummed that Deborah Jean Palfrey felt she had to die rather than go to prison. I’m sad for her. I’m sad for her mother who found her daughter’s body. I agree with The Sleuth’s take on the news. It is a tragedy on a number of levels.

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NIU shootings

I remember my first visit to Northern Illinois University. I was an incoming Junior, transferring from a local community college. I still didn’t drive and was expected to go to orientation. My mom drove me the 45 miles to school for the orientation, I think she brought my grandmother along.  I don’t know what they … Continue reading »

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