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An ear-full of waxwings…

…or a museum if you prefer. Many years ago (eons in Internet age) I searched for an Internet name that suited me. Because I was into birding, I focused on avian handles. I tried “chickadee” but it was already taken in the places I wanted to join. I considered “painted bunting,” a bird I longed … Continue reading »

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Marching bands and solicitors

I’m ashamed to say that we do not normally give to people that show up at our door. Sorry Greenpeace. Gosh, Save the Bay — not this year… We usually give to our local rescue squad and will buy Girl Scout Cookies, but we won’t buy candy bars from random teenage boys who knock on … Continue reading »

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Waking up to the delightful although not unexpected news that Barack Obama is the president-elect is a lovely cap on an unforgettable voting experience. I wasn’t sure when I was going to vote — I’d hoped to do it with a minimum of waiting because I had a full day ahead of me what with … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday Howard, a Day late.

I’ve met few folks born on February 29th, but the person who stands out is Howard. Howard was a 4th grade teacher whose classroom was on the other side of the partition from the one in which I co-taught my last year of teaching. I liked him a lot – we talked most days during … Continue reading »

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Coach Manon

I’d heard great things about Andrew’s wrestling coach before Andrew was on the team. Then this summer Andrew received a wonderful & personal letter from him welcoming Andrew to the team. Andrew, Dean and I have all received emails from the coach on various matters, all of which have been delightful to read – both … Continue reading »

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A drive in the country

Today we’d planned on picking up Dean’s mom and taking a drive in the country. Because Ruth was not feeling well we just visited with her for an hour and then went on the drive ourselves. Riding with my dad in the car reminds me of when we’d take his mother on drives along the … Continue reading »

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Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

First of all, I had no idea Kurt Vonnegut, Jr was born before my father. I always think of him as young. I thought he was maybe ten years older than me, so when I read of his death on Tuesday at age 84, I was shocked. I would have thought John Updike was older … Continue reading »

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