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Gave up the good life for me…

Oh boy – you’re in for it now… I found a stack of LPs and a few 45’s from my childhood and just purchased an ION USB turntable so I can upload all those old songs to my web space (at least until the RIAA yells at me, or worse) and allow you to listen … Continue reading »

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95. Pink Pussycat

When Clare was born my cousin gave her a rattle shaped like a cat. It had a nice soft sounding rattling noise, probably because it was covered in soft pink fabric over a layer or two of batting. My husband, avid Devo fan at the time took that opportunity to sing Pink Pussycat to her … Continue reading »

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89. Document everything that you do

As mentioned several posts ago, I first heard about Dan Bern on NPR May 23, 1997. Ten years later I have been to close to 30 of his shows and own countless recordings, both studio and bootleg. Of his hundreds of songs it is hard to pick a favorite, but I’m pretty sure I like … Continue reading »

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88. Annabaglish

The Internet is pretty cool when you want to research something. A number of years ago I found a website dedicated to a branch of my ancestry. The family name McCornack is not that common, so anyone with blood connections to that name is probably a blood relative of mine. That site, and Mr. McCornack … Continue reading »

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82. You come through fine

Because I’m seeing Dan Bern tonight at the Birchmere, here are two of my favorite songs that he wrote and sings: Walking Through Glass – Recorded 2000 – Lyrics(Or if you prefer – watch and listen on YouTube) Children of the Cold War – Recorded in the Early 1980’s – Lyrics Interesting how his voice … Continue reading »

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71. Someday you will understand

I’d never heard of a hidden track until I bought Dan Bern’s Fifty Eggs CD. It was the first CD I’d ever heard about before its release, and the first I bought the day of its release. Fifty Eggs has a hidden track, and it is one of my favorite Dan Bern songs to boot. … Continue reading »

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64. Washing Machine

Going to a 50th birthday party tonight, but before that I’m up to my neck in piles of laundry that need to be washed. Here’s what Kate Bush has to say about laundry in Mrs. Bartolozzi.

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62. Sometimes I wish they were bigger

I was going to save this song until the PGA Tour Event this summer that will bring Tiger Woods to the area, but couldn’t pass up this opportunity – it was perfect. I don’t often use instant messaging anymore, but yesterday I signed on and saw that my friend, Joan, was also signed in. I … Continue reading »

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53. Kids’ Prayer

“…one of our students.” –Charles Steger

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52. A High Wind in Bethesda

It is very windy here in Bethesda today. We’ve lost branches on our trees and shingles from our roof. The wind is blowing into vents on our house, making an eerie sort of music. It’s nearly as bad as when Isabel blew through, but we’ve not [touch wood] lost power. This wind reminded me of … Continue reading »

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