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69. Focal point of a distant gaze

I admit to having strong negative opinions about certain musicians and types of music. For instance, I won’t listen to rap nor hip hop music. And I don’t like country music. That’s why I’ve never had a taste for Jimmy Buffett* and until last night I didn’t know what he looked or sounded like. Except … Continue reading »

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51. Who Killed Laura Palmer?

Quick one. I cannot hear the opening theme song for Twin Peaks without craving some coffee and a slice of cherry pie. Damn, I loved that series. I even bought the soundtrack.

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46. Spring Cleaning

Have you ever thrown everything out of a closet while looking for something? I have. Today I was looking for a cd I knew I had and cleared out our CD cabinet. The coffee table is now piled high with CDs. I’d been planing on straightening it out anyway. So here is my chance. I’m … Continue reading »

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34. Take a chance on Muriel’s Wedding

I was never really into ABBA, but their music was catchy and I didn’t hate it. But I do like the movie Muriel’s Wedding which has a lot of ABBA‘s tunes. If you’ve not seen it – rent it soon. It is a sweet film and it’s cool to see crazy Brenda from Six Feet … Continue reading »

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22. An Irish Fantasy

Because my last name is Patrick, St. Patrick’s Day has always been special to me. I make Irish Bread, Corned Beef and Cabbage, have a Guinness and listen to Irish music. This year we are going to watch a movie that we’ve seen several times before, but it has such a delightful soundtrack and story, … Continue reading »

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17. Oh What a beautiful Girl who can’t say no

I took speech in 8th grade. Not the kind you take when you need help with your expressive and receptive language, but the kind where you have to embarrass yourself in front of a bunch of other 8th graders. We did a lot of performances and not really any speeches. Maybe that’s because our speech … Continue reading »

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12. Jonathan Livingston Seagull

I don’t remember when I first read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I think my mom gave it to me for Christmas one year – or maybe my friend Cindy introduced me to it. Perhaps both. I must have liked the message in the story – although I’m not sure now what it was. These days I … Continue reading »

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6. There’s No Place Like Home

Each year, first around Christmastime then maybe at Eastertime, I eagerly awaited the annual broadcast of The Wizard of Oz. Even before we had a color TV I loved this movie. I hid my eyes when the Wicked Witch of the West first appeared in the forest, cried when Dorothy had to say goodbye to … Continue reading »

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