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I don’t much like modern pop music. I’d never actually heard a Katy Perry song until today when I watched a video that Walt Whitman High School students put together (that’s the school my two kids attended). The video is for a contest through Good Morning America who teamed with Ms Perry and asked high … Continue reading »

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Google Maps 8-bit quest

Quick. Go to Google Maps and look up an address then click Quest in the top right-hand corner. Try looking up Googleplex. Or The White House. (you may need to zoom in or out to see things) An explanation is on the Google Maps Blog Let me know if you found any other cool things … Continue reading »

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Ask the Internet – Orphan Socks

It’s time for… Ask the Internet! Today’s question: How do you deal with orphan socks? When you do your laundry and one of a pair of socks is missing – what do you do? How long do you keep orphan socks before realizing you’ll never find its mate? Where do you store orphan socks? I … Continue reading »

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The Girl who Stalked a Tree*

Prologue Summer 1976. Near Leeds, England. She stood staring at the absurdly strange-looking tree, unable to believe it could possibly survive outside a fantasy world. She didn’t like breaking rules, but she wanted to trespass on the lawn that hosted this tree and touch it to make sure it was real. The tree was quite … Continue reading »

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Google Street View Clues

I’ve been waiting for Google Street View to arrive in our neighborhood for quite a while. It was close-by — in the business area of Bethesda, but it had not made it to our immediate neighborhood until very recently. I discovered it had when I tried to figure out where the neighbor who needed a … Continue reading »

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There have been times in my life when I’m somewhere and think, “oh my gosh. I’m here. How did this happen? Do I really want to be here?” Usually they turn out fine — and sometimes better than fine. I suspect tomorrow will be one of those times. I’m going to a BarCamp event in … Continue reading »

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My Life Online

I had an interesting conversation, a number of months ago, with another wrestling mom, about the virtues and drawbacks of living in a digital age. She asked me if I thought that technology (blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.) encouraged community or discouraged it. This is something I have thought about quite a bit because I spend … Continue reading »

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Report about future from the past

In the future you will read news online according to this 1981 report. “Richard Halloran owns home computer” (from Techcrunch)

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Marriage proposal, blog style…

Anyone else following Jeanne Says…? I cannot believe she’s not caught on yet, though. Shhhh, don’t tell her.

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Online Bulletin boards

Gah — I hate online bulletin boards. People on them forget how to be civil to one another and race to see who can scold a new poster for not reading the entire thread (or searching for an answer) before asking a question.  I imagine the folks doing the scolding are people who were once … Continue reading »

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