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The Inn at Mallard Cove

Because Dean had a meeting in Seattle earlier this month and I had some vacation time left, we decided to spend some time with Clare who recently moved to Olympia, Washington. We knew it would not make sense to try to stay with Clare and Bennett so I was tasked with finding a place to … Continue reading »

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What we did on our summer vacation — Days 5 and 6

Monday After the busy weekend we took a bit of a break from activities on Monday. We were scheduled to get our photographs taken Monday evening by a professional photographer I’d gotten to know via his blog a few years ago, so we didn’t want to do too much during the day. We had lunch … Continue reading »

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What we did on our summer vacation — Day 4

I need to finish this before I blog about other things… Sunday morning I went to church with Mom and afterward I enjoyed the wildflowers on the church property while Mom attended a meeting. That afternoon we had a cookout with my brother and his family at my Mom’s house. Not knowing what to cook … Continue reading »

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What we did on our summer vacation: Day 3

Not mentioned in the previous post is that Clare was scheduled to arrive while we were at the rehearsal dinner. Mom and her friend Richard were scheduled to pick her up at 7:30 on Friday night. She called at 3 or so to tell us she’d missed her flight and would not fly in until around … Continue reading »

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What we did on our summer vacation: Days 1 & 2

When we drive a long distance we usually get a very early start — 5:00 am when we drive to Illinois. This time, however, we had other things to do in the morning and didn’t leave Bethesda until just after 2:00 pm. Oddly, Dean drove the whole way. Usually I drive for a while after … Continue reading »

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Up North: The Series::Two Rivers::The End

A little over two and a half years ago I began my Wisconsin Series of blog posts with a small post about Two Rivers, Wisconsin, the hometown of my Grandma Green. In that post I declared my plan to someday visit Two Rivers. Last September I finally did visit Two Rivers and it is fitting … Continue reading »

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Our Blue Ridge Vacation — The Drive

Our plans, this summer, were to spend about 10 days in the Midwest. A few in Illinois and the majority of the time in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin. However, neither of our teenage offspring wanted to spend that much time (and that far away) from home. Dean suggested a beach house — we used to spend a … Continue reading »

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Up North: the series ::Kitsch & Scenery:: Wisconsin Dells

A series about Wisconsin is not complete without a post about Wisconsin Dells. On our excursions to Chetek I vividly remember seeing signs, possibly starting south of Beloit, declaring the wonders of Wisconsin Dells — Tommy Bartlett Water Show, Noah’s Ark, Fort Dells, & The Wonder Spot. I remember longing to visit the Dells because … Continue reading »

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I’m not a dog person. I don’t dislike dogs, I just prefer cats. Well, there are some dogs I dislike. I don’t like dalmatians because every dalmatian I’ve ever encountered has bared its teeth at me. I’m afraid of dobermans. My Uncle Don raised Dobermans and one bit me when I was 3. I don’t … Continue reading »

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[svgallery name=”mississippi”] Mississippi stopped being on my list of places to visit after I got over the thrill of being able to spell it. Even when my Aunt Nancy and her family moved there in the 1970’s it held no appeal to me. I had no desire to ever visit to a state whose reputation … Continue reading »

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