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Rabbits are okay. They’re cute and furry. I don’t have a garden so I don’t worry about them eating my vegetables. But I don’t love rabbits. Well, at least I don’t love rabbits anymore. See, back in the 1970s I read Watership Down. Then I read the book referenced in Watership Down: The Private Life … Continue reading »

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Birder Watching at Magee Marsh

A year or two ago I saw a tweet by a fellow twitter birder / accessibility advocate about¬†her trip to Magee Marsh in Ohio.¬† I kept it in the back of my head because we drive right by it when we travel to and from Illinois. Then a few months ago I read The Big … Continue reading »

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Strangely appropriate April Fools Day Prank

A while back I wrote about not being able to feed birds because of a rat problem in our neighborhood. I quit feeding birds (at ground-level) and we quit putting any food scraps in the compost heap. We’d not seen a rat all winter so thought we were good. Just now, however, I looked out … Continue reading »

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Spec nest?

[Update 5.25.09] She’s gone and left two eggs in the nest. Husband tossed some balls off the roof and I heard that they landed very close to the nest. I suspect one landed on the nest because one of the eggs has a crack along the side. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. … Continue reading »

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A Christmastide Mystery

Once upon a time a family from a town not so far away left that town to celebrate Christmas with their far-away relatives. Just before they left, they threw a festive gala where lovely people brought many delicacies to the family. The family had no trouble eating the left-over delicacies, except for one bag of … Continue reading »

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Do One Thing

Considering my irrational fear of Clutch Cargo’s Lips, I’m surprised I could watch this whole video: But I like the message. [found at Birdchick’s Blog]

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After dinner entertainment

A few evenings ago, after dinner, Dean called the kids to quickly come up to the dining room. They both complied, Clare from the living room where she was studying for a chemistry test and Andrew from the basement where he was playing a computer game. Dean pointed out the window and we all looked … Continue reading »

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Verizon, phone support & wildlife

So yesterday morning a Verizon FiOS guy came by and installed FiOS to our house. It went smoothly enough and the technician was nice enough. I guess my recent rash of Comcast issues has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to cable techs. The Verizon guy did comment on … Continue reading »

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My daughter spied a fox in our suburban back yard this morning. Apparently it ambled across the yard and around the house. It’s sad that wild animals need to move into residential areas – their habitat is being taken over by humans. What do foxes eat anyway?

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