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I have issues: Part 4 — Fear of Annoying People

I hate to be a bother. I hate to annoy people. I get worked up about possibly saying the wrong thing to someone at a party and worry about it the next day, and beyond. I don’t know how normal this is. I don’t normally talk about it, but I know it is the root … Continue reading »

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The New Flock

I like trying out new browsers and when Flock came along a while back, I tested it out. It was similar enough to Firefox for me to feel comfortable using it immediately, but it had some cool bells and whistles. One cool factor was that you could post to your blog right from the browser, … Continue reading »

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Now why was I worried?

When I first met Maria, more than 17 years ago, I remember being nervous. Her husband had just been hired to the same branch office as Dean and they became immediate friends. Dean explained to me that Maria was totally blind, and had been since she was an adolescent. I’d not spent much time around … Continue reading »

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WordPress = accessible — not yet

I got no work done today. I should have sent some files to our new coder so she could get started, but I slacked off and did some volunteer stuff instead. My friend Maria called me the other day to see if I was interested in helping her with a project she and a few … Continue reading »

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Tired Thursday

After a late night out I was tired most of the day on Thursday. Got some work done. Went to Whitman for their Festival of the Arts. Clare had a few pieces of art in the show. It was very crowded, we left Clare there with her friends and went home. I worked on the … Continue reading »

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WordPress 2.2

I’d love to download and update my WP installation, but I’m a wimp and am waiting until my web host offers the easy way out via fantastico.

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